• Adelina Priddis

Summer Reading Challenge

Are you ready for the summer reading challenge? Don't let the warm months pass by without bringing books to life, and trying something new. Plus, you can win a Book Box of your choosing from the shop!

Here are the details. From now until September 9th, you can earn points by completing different challenges. At the end of the summer we'll share a link to submit your points. Keep track of your points to share later. Whoever has the most points on September 9th will win a book box of their choosing. If there is a tie, winner will be drawn from a hat.

Social points +15pts

Reading Points +10pts

  • Read a genre you don't usually pick up

  • Read a Classic

  • Read a new to you series

  • Ask a friend for a book recommendation and read it

Activity points +5pts

  • Cook a book themed recipe

  • Submit book themed art

  • Do an activity to bring a book to life

  • Dress up as a book character for a day

Buy a Book Box +25pts

When you share the challenge activities on social media make sure to tag #TowerofBooksSummerChallenge

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

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