Get to Know Tower of Books

Reading should be more than a moment stuck between pages.

Have you ever had a dream? Tower of Books was always going to be just that - a dream. Until one day in January of 2022, a good friend told me I should blog more about books. Then a potential partnership with a book marketing company fell through, and I decided why not. It was time to stop dreaming, and start making reality. 

Tower of Books was born out of a desire to gift books to friends and family without buying a subscription. One day we may have a subscription option, but there will always be single gift options. We curate books with gift items to bring books to life. Reading has the power to change lives, and bring beauty to the world around you. We want to make it easier to do just that. 

Meet The Team


Vencie Priddis

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Hello, I'm Venice Priddis or Will. I've been doing art for a long time, to the point were I can't remember. I've recently been told that I have dyslexia. 

With that knowledge about myself I found it easier to show my affections thought my art and creations.